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3 Reasons Your Lawn Won’t Grow

A good lawn is the focal point of any garden. When it’s luscious green and growing well you’ve got nothing to worry about but it doesn’t go that way most of the time. It’s more likely that you’ve got brown spots or rings on the lawn, if it’s even growing at all. Regardless of how much effort you put into the rest of the garden, no amount of amazing plants can take away from a sad looking lawn. When you have problems with the lawn, your first instinct is probably to put a load of lawn feed on there. In a few cases, that might work, but most of the time the problem is more complex. Knowing what the problem is can help you work out how to solve it and nurse your lawn back to health.

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Lawn Seed

The first thing to look at is your lawn seed. If you’re struggling to grow any grass at all, or it’s just coming up in patches, it might be because your lawn seed isn’t any good. People don’t think that there’s that much difference between brands of lawn seed but some will grow far better than others. Do some research on Yard Care Gurus to find the best brands out there. It’s worth spending a little bit more money on some better quality grass seed that is going to give you better results.

Brown Spots

Brown spots are the most common lawn problem and there are a few different causes. If you’ve got dogs, make sure that they’re not peeing all over the grass. Be careful with any toxic chemicals as well, any spillages will give you a permanent brown spot. If it’s not either of those things, you’ve probably got something going on under the dirt. It might mean that the pH of the soil is unbalanced. You can do checks and then introduce nutrients if the soil is lacking. If the problem is particularly bad, it might be worth taking up the soil and replacing it with some fresh stuff.

Another reason that the grass isn’t growing properly in certain areas is that there is something blocking it and stopping the roots from forming properly. Dig down a little way in the brown areas and see if there is any stones or bits of rock under there. If there are, that could be the culprit. Remove them and try again, hopefully, you’ll get better results.


Circles forming in the grass is another common lawn ailment that has a very specific cause. It happens when you’ve got fungus of some kind growing in the soil. If there’s a lot of it under there you might even see some mushrooms growing. Initially, the rotting under the soil gives the grass more nutrients so the circle will be a lot greener than the rest. But once the fungus gets bigger, it will starve the grass and it’ll start turning brown. The way to solve it is to use a fungicide on the lawn and avoid watering it in the evenings.

Always keep a good eye on the lawn and if you notice any of these features, deal with it right away.

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