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4 Ways You Can Reconnect With Loved Ones

Last updated on December 10, 2020

There is nothing worse than relationships that drift apart. This isn’t just the relationship you have with your spouse or your children, but your friends. Life gets busy and we all know that, but if you can maintain your friendships and your relationships to the point that your life has a consistency and a purpose, you can feel strengthened.

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Humans are naturally selfish, and while that doesn’t necessarily mean you have selfish tendencies, it does mean that we think of ourselves before others sometimes. Life being busy means that your own wants can be consuming, and this can lead to neglecting people in your life who just want to be there for you. There are plenty of ways you can reconnect with those around you, but learning which is right for you will be the clincher. We’ve put together four of the best ways we know to help you reconnect with your loved ones, bringing you closer together.

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A Trip. If you have had a close group of friends who have drifted away from your over the years, it’s time to reel the gang back in! You can choose to book a trip away together, away from work and home stresses to focus on each other and remember why you were all friends in the first place. Taking a men’s church retreat to reaffirm your bonds together and have a quiet space to reflect and think about what you want going forward is a great idea. You get to be together without distraction of the outside world, to remember what you had in common. Plus, you get a trip out of it!

Schedule Video Calls. One of the biggest reasons that groups of friends drift apart is literal space. The distance that gets put between you for work and marriage means that you have to actively make time to talk to each other. Thankfully, we live in a world that is blessed with technology, making video chat and phone calls the best way to keep in touch. Make a plan together for a weekly group chat online. Get comfy with a hot drink and use that hour time slot to chat about what you’ve been up to that week and what’s ahead.

You can also use this opportunity to discuss any serious issues that may be affecting each other. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own life, and this can mean you might miss signals that a loved one is in a bad place physically and mentally. While video calls are not the same as face-to-face discussions, they can still help people open up. If someone is struggling with their mental health as a result of substance dependence, you can work with them to find addiction treatment companies. This will help them feel supported, especially if they are isolated from other people for any number of reasons.

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Care Packages. Your friends may live in different parts of the country, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care! Sending monthly care packages to each other with letters swapping news and sending foods you may not get in the area at home can really help you to connect again. When life has kicked you for a whole month, knowing you have that care package to look forward to can really help.

Gaming. Reconnection doesn’t always mean a trip or a phone call, but shared interested. Playing games either online or physically playing board games can really make you all feel as if you have something in common still. Life changes and moves so quickly, you have to hang onto the things you all enjoy with both hands so that you don’t lose sight of why you were friends in the first place.

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