5 Fun Ways To Get More Involved With Your Faith

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Going to church more often or praying more regularly aren’t the only ways of getting closer to God. There are plenty of fun activities out there for those wanting to get more involved with their faith. You may be able to find such an event or club near to you or even organise your own faith-based activity. Here are just a few ideas that could be worth looking into.

Community cookouts

A community cookout involves gathering fellow members of your community and preparing and eating food together. Everyone can bring food to share or pay a donation, part of which can go to food whilst the rest could go to a charitable cause. Such events are great for encouraging community spirit and meeting new people.

Peace Leagues

A ‘Peace League’ is an all-Christian sports club. They generally consist of members from a local church. Starting a peace league and competing against sports clubs in your area could be a way of associating with fellow Christians in a fun environment. This can be any sport you desire. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a good place to look for Christian sports opportunities across the country.

Art clubs

For those that are creative-minded, there are plenty of faith-based art clubs and festivals around to choose from. These clubs and events are another opportunity to get together with fellow Christians whilst developing your skills as an artist. On top of visual arts, there are also many musical clubs and events such as Christian music festivals, as well as choirs and bands to join of all musical styles.

Group retreats

An ideal activity for families is a Christian retreat. These are essentially faith-based holidays in which you’ll stay in a camp or residence with other families. Such retreats often facilities such as swimming pools and free catering whilst offering plenty of faith-based activities throughout the day. There are group retreats all across the world, all of different sizes.

Charity work

Charity work can be a way of giving whilst also having fun yourself. It all depends on the type of charity event that you decide upon. For example, you could go on a mission abroad and help a struggling community offering the chance to travel and meet new people. This is common amongst young adults and could include anything from helping to build a well to teaching English to kids. There are meanwhile plenty of local charity event ideas to choose from. You can organise a fair that raises money for a cause. Alternatively, you could work with a group such as the homeless or the disabled, arranging a fun day experience for them. Whilst you’ll be doing the organising, there’s no reason why you can’t have fun whilst helping other people. It can be far more rewarding than simply donating to a charity.

Bonus: Learn more about theological philosophy

If you’re feeling introspective or you have had questions about your faith as of late, then getting more involved doesn’t always have to mean being part of the communal aspect of it. There’s a growing world of Christian theological philosophy, including gnostic philosophy, eschatology like amillennialism, as well as doctrine history that you can spend plenty of time diving into. Learn more about your faith as well as the philosophical underpinnings of it and you can feel a lot more assured in what you believe and why you believe it.

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