5 Options To Beautify Your Garden

Not every garden is inviting. And not every garden is easy to manage. But if you can spare a couple of hours this weekend, you might be able to achieve more than you thought. Our outdoor spaces are more integral to your home that you think. They’re ideal entertaining areas, and they offer some space for the kids to play and move around. If yours is screaming out for some TLC, here are your 5 options to beautify your garden:

Patio Clean Up
If you have a good quality power washer, you can bring any filthy patio slab back up to its former glory. The jets of water lift off the grime of all those past seasons. You can even wash down paths in this way. It can shift the odd weed if you know what you’re doing too. If your patio is cracked, broken and uneven, it might be worth investing in a new one. They don’t come cheap, but a new patio should give you years of good quality hard standing, perfect for a dining set.

Clean up the patio slabs. Image credit

Lawn Care
Tending a lawn isn’t fun, and it isn’t easy. No wonder so many of us opt to pave over it or throw a deck on top of it. But that carpet of green can be very welcoming, and it can make a great surface for the kids to play on. Excessive weeds can grow when the grass isn’t cut regularly. Pulling the out can leave holes. You might try a focused squirt of weed killer, but this really won’t do the grass any good. Sometimes you just need to go back to basics, dig it out, and roll in a new one.

You need to tend to your lawn each week in summer. Image credit

Elegant Dining
A quality dining set can really turn the garden into a fantastic entertaining space. Rattan has become the standard for high-quality patio sets. Choose good cushions to stay comfortable for longer. Now all you need to decide is the style of gazebo you want to use. You can learn more about your choices here by visiting retailer websites.It’s important to add shade when you’re eating outside. Some gazebos have four sides to protect you from insects and excess breeze.

Bring color to your garden each season. Image credit

A Wealth Of Color
Adding plenty of color to your garden will also make it very beautiful. Choose plants and flowers that suit the space. If you have a large garden, you might need several flower beds, and shrubs to connect each part. Leaves and flowers offer a wonderful array of shades and tones so you can find colors to suit your taste. You can buy blooms ready to plant, or you can nurture and grow them from seeds.

Water features offer an elegant focal point to your garden. They also provide a very relaxing sound! You might place one on a decking area and enjoy this space for meditation or Yoga. Contemporary styles are very popular right now so why not pop along to your local garden center to see what your choices are? Some are quite tall, others are quite wide. You can fit a water feature into almost any garden space. Are you ready to beautify your garden this weekend?

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