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Call me cheap

But hey! I like a bargain-and definitely do not like to overspend on something when I can get it for less. One example is this tissue holder.

Another find

I found it at a thrift store for $5. That was a great deal, considering it is nearly $30 in stores. (What a rip-off, right!?) LOL!

My girls’ bathroom is done in this theme. I bought the shower curtain and hooks at Target, but did not want to spend a small fortune on all the stuff that goes with it–so I got creative! I took photos of my girls’ rubber duckies, edited them, printed them out & framed them. I found the tall white cabinet on craigslist for $30, the trash can on clearance (which matches perfectly) for $11. I haven’t got a pic of the trash can on flickr yet…I mean…do I want to get a pic of a trash can? LOL! But you can view the set and see the progress on the girls’ bathroom. 🙂 A Duckie Bathroom!

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