Outside fun with friends….

On Sunday evenings we go to a fellowship group (that we are part of). In total with kids, there are 18 of us–if I am counting correctly! The first group this season, it was still nice enough out for the kids to run and play. Here are just a few pics! These are the only […]

VBS Program

The last day of VBS was on Thursday, and the kids put on a little program. Afterwards, there was a supper at the church, and a little “store” where the kids could cash in their tickets they earned over the course of the 5 days there. It was a good time, the girls had so […]


This evening was day 1 of Vacation Bible School at our church. It runs for 5 days (Sunday-Thursday). The girls were so excited to go and had such a great time! Here are their smiling faces. :mrgreen: This is Jacey’s 3rd year at VBS and Jadyn’s 2nd. They love it!

Our Easter

I am so late posting this…I feel like I am behind on lots…LOL! On Good Friday we went to a friend’s church downtown for a short service. They always do a Good Friday service, and it was great! Jadyn was really into the singing. She lifted her hands up and swayed. She also danced around […]

Gather at The Manger

This year the church Christmas program was called “Gather at the Manger”. My hubby, Jace was the narrator, and both my girls were in it. It was a nice program, and everyone did great. My girls looked so pretty! Here’s a pic before the program: An during…. Jadyn and the other preschoolers sang ‘Away in […]

The Weekend…

This weekend went by really fast! It was a good one, though. Yesterday (Saturday) we headed over to church for Jace & Jacey to practice for the Christmas play. Jace is going to be the narrator and Jacey will be in the kids choir & possibly have a speaking part. I say possibly, because we […]