Healthy Plating, Healthy Eating

Is every day the same at your home: Crammed between rushed breakfast before going to work or school – if you don’t skip breakfast due to lack of time –, quick lunch on the go, and a delivery pizza in front of the TV with the family? The struggle of a healthy lifestyle is real in our busy lives. More importantly, it can be difficult to introduce healthy habits if you don’t have any of the necessary kitchen tools and tips to make it work. Now is the perfect time to consider your consider and to identify everything that doesn’t help you to support a healthy lifestyle. Let’s ignore the processed foods and addictive sugary drinks, as they are an obvious no-go. But have you ever thought that your plates and bowls could be making you put on weight? No? Time to rethink what you know about your kitchen and to enhance it to embrace an effortless and healthy lifestyle. read more

The Weight Loss Weapons Every Kitchen Needs

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If you’ve noticed your pants are starting to feel a little tighter than they used to and you’re getting out of breath faster than ever before, instead of embarking some fad diet, or overdoing it on the exercise (some exercise is good), stock your kitchen with these wonderful weight loss weapons instead:

Weighing Scales

When you’re trying to lose weight, having a good set of accurate kitchen scales is a must. Often, we start putting on weight because we are simple eating servings that are too large. If we can rectify this by measuring everything we eat for a few weeks, not only will we lose weight, but we’ll also learn what a healthy portion looks like and that will help us to make more positive choices in the future. read more

A peek inside my fitness planner….

For the past month I have been using a fitness planner. I have been logging everything in it, every day and it has really helped me to stay focused and motivated!

Here are just a few pics! 🙂

The cover

The monthly view

I found these cute little yoga stickers online and have been adding them on Yoga days.

Weekly pages

The daily steps section above is a sticker. A free printable that found on Pinterest. 🙂

Progress page {Try not to laugh–haha!}

A few of the dividers

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Health and Fitness-Being accountable

So in the past month, I have really changed my eating habits. I have started exercising a heck of a lot more, and have added Pilates and Yoga into my routines. I am feeling great! I have lost about 5 pounds. I also feel a lot stronger. {Thank you Chaturanga Dandasana for that!} 😀 My flexibility is increasing as well.
I have a fitness planner where I keep track of my eating habits, and my exercises as well as progress photos and notes/journal entries on how I may be feeling on a particular day. My fitness planner is the Happy Planner Fitness Planner. I like it because it is very motivating with pictures and quotes throughout, and I can also track my steps and water intake. read more

Activa Naturals Greens Superfood Powder {Review}

Recently I had the opportunity to try an awesome product from Active Naturals: Greens SuperFood Powder. I thought “perfect timing” because I have just recently completely changed my eating habits. I am eating “clean foods” and getting daily exercise, so this would fit right in with my lifestyle change or “plan” if you will. 🙂

What really made me take notice of this product was the fact that it has so much going for it. So many wonderful, healthy ingredients in just one little scoop! It has a berry flavor, so I thought that this would blend right in with my smoothies easily. read more

What Can I Do To Become A Healthier Person?

What Can I Do To Become A Healthier Person?

If you’re interested in becoming a healthier person, now is the time to step into an unprecedented dimension of well-being. While there are numerous steps you can take to embrace greater health, you may find the following techniques particularly helpful:

1. Update Your Home.

Updating your home can help you become a healthier person in numerous ways. For example, having your air conditioner serviced can ensure that the air flowing through your residential property is free of the debris that could lead to respiratory issues. Also note that changing the aesthetic of your home can elevate your mood. In the event that you’re ready to invest in new cabinets, there are several custom cabinetry Pennsylvania companies that you can select from. One of them is The Solid Wood Cabinet Company. read more

Enjoy a New Smile with Customized Dental Restorations

Enjoy a New Smile with Customized Dental Restorations…

If you are interested in improving your overall facial appearance, then contact Park Slope Dentistry today to schedule an appointment. When your teeth are chipped and discolored, it affects the way your face looks and how people react to your smile. Our expert Brooklyn dentist can provide restorative, cosmetic and general dental treatments that will create a gorgeous smile.

Have a Stronger Bite

More importantly, having your teeth repaired can make it easier to chew food such as fresh vegetables and fruit. When your teeth are in poor condition, you might avoid consuming a nutritious diet because it hurts to chew a carrot stick or an apple, but with restorative dentistry procedures performed by a knowledgeable dentist, your bite is stronger, making it easier to eat these foods. read more

Essential Oil Blend for Varicose + Spider Veins


This blend supports healthy circulation and helps increase collagen production. I need this. As I get older I’ve noticed spider veins popping up on my legs. I am super fair so they can be noticeable, especially when I am not self tanning. 😉

Recipe for beautiful legs! Combine all in a glass bottle or roller bottle.

1 Tbsp avocado oil
1 Tbsp jojoba oil
2 Tbsp grapeseed oil
1/2 tsp vitamin E oil
10 drops lemongrass EO
3 drops rosemary EO
3 drops frankincense EO
5 drops cypress EO
5 drops helichrysum EO
3 drops chamomile EO read more