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USB Car Essential Oil Diffuser by Senses-Pro {Review}

If you are like me and love essential oils, then I am sure you use them all the time, right? I always wanted to have the option to diffuse in my vehicle. Well, I have tried several diffusers for my car and have not been happy with one of them. That is, until now! 🙂
This diffuser from Senses-Pro works just like it says it does. It’s a great size, and easy to use right out of the box!

The amount of mist it puts out is impressive. I have tried others that didn’t work quite as well. Ones where I could not see any mist at all. This one is nice because you can see that it is working. It has 2 settings: continuous and intermittent. I will say though, on the ” intermittent” setting my particular diffuser doesn’t work that way. It just puts out a little less mist than the first setting—which I am okay with. No biggie for me! 🙂 read more