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Children's Book Deals

I love finding books on the cheap at my local thrift stores. Honestly, I hardly ever buy a book full price, unless that is, I’ve exhausted my search for a used/discounted copy. I feel so smart when I find the books I’ve been searching for in a thrift store..hehe! Even when I find books that I hadn’t been searching for! :mrgreen:

We have one thrift store that has a bookshelf filled with children’s books. They also have a little box with plastic bags in them. $3 to fill a bag! Let me tell you, if they have decent books, then I’m going to FILL IT UP! Check out the books I’ve bought recently. $3.00 for all of these books. You can’t see them all (they are stacked), but I got 43 books! All in good to great shape. (I always try to make sure that a book isn’t written in doesn’t have any ripped pages.) 😀

This was my 1st trip after I found the $3 a bag deal:


[Oops, my foot is in the pic! 😆 ]

This is another time that I went. I didn’t find 43 this time, but I found some great ones nonetheless!


The puppies book was filled with posters, and I found a set of workbooks along with a handwriting workbook as well! The Psalms book is an oldie-but goodie!

My girls love when I buy them books. They love to read, and each have their own bookshelf in their room for their books…that are now spilling out onto other bookshelves in our house. 😉

I have lots of books as well…I’ll have to share the book deals I’ve found for me soon!
Go on the hunt at your local thrift stores for books. We are pretty lucky here. We have several thrift store with a GREAT selection of books. I don’t always find books to buy–as with any sort of thrift shopping, it’s good some days, and some days it just isn’t. Don’t be afraid to look. It never hurts to look and you could leave the store with a big ole stack of books!

Stay tuned for more bargains found! 😀

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