Cool braids and hairstyles for back to school!

My youngest daughter, Jadyn is starting Kindergarten this year, and it may be silly, but I am slightly worried about her hair – just because it is SO long! She does NOT want a hair cut, and I partly agree, because her hair is just so pretty. It’s just so long too! I don’t want it to get glue in it at school, or accidentally cut (I would die!)…etc… So of course her hair will need extra attention every morning so that I can fix it up before school. {When her older sister, Jacey started Kindergarten, her hair wasn’t nearly as long as Jadyn’s is now.}

As for my oldest daughter, she not so long ago got her hair cut right below her chin…just at her shoulders. Super cute, I might add! It was only her 2nd hair cut in her life! Her first hair cut, she got 11 inches cut off, and all of those beautiful curls went right with it. :/ Yep, those cute ringlets were gone. After she got used to have a shorter style, she decided she wanted to go shorter. That’s when we got it cut at the shoulders. I do miss her curls, but this style is very cute on her. (and MUCH easier to take care of!) 🙂

A few photos! This is Jadyn’s hair over the years until now…


This is Jacey’s hair over the years until now….


Time sure flies, doesn’t it?!

Anyway, I was looking online at hairstyles, braids, etc… for girls and came across these braided styles! A few of these look pretty detailed (hard to do) and time consuming..LOL! 😀 What do you think?

Either way, my girls’ hair will look “pulled together” for school…whether it be an elaborate braid, a couple of barrettes, or a headband. I will make it work! 😉

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