DIY Fabric Softener

If you surf around on Pinterest these days, you know that there are a plethora of DIY recipes for household products. I have tried my hand at making Dishwasher Detergent and Washing Powder, which by the way, I really like! They were easy to make and they work well. I don’t know why I hadn’t tried making Fabric Softener before now, but oh well! I finally made it just yesterday. It was super-duper easy! Here is the recipe that I used….

DIY fabric softener

DIY Fabric Softener
-2 cups of conditioner (the hair kind) 😉
-3 cups of white vinegar (I keep this around the house for a number of uses)
-6 cups of hot water

You’ll also need a large enough container to mix it in. It’s probably best to use a large pitcher, for easy pouring after you’re done.

Just mix everything together, and make sure the water that you’re using is hot. Stir for a few minutes. The conditioner will dissolve, don’t worry. You just need to stir it for a little while. Just don’t shake or it can get all bubbly/foamy.

Here it is–the finished product in a snazzy old tea jug…lol! 😀

DIY fabric softener

I got the chance to use it yesterday evening and it seems to work pretty good, although the scent is very light. (Maybe I can add to it w/ essential oils?) Since this is so easy to make, I’m sure I’ll make it again. It was really easy to do, and you can’t beat the cost! 😉

The vinegar was around $2 if I remember correctly, and I only used 3 cups of it. There’s plenty left over to make more, or to use for other things. The conditioner was around $1.50 I believe, but with a coupon or sale, it could be even cheaper.

There’s also another fabric softener recipe that I want to try that uses essential oils. When I have the ingredients for that recipe (which I don’t remember off-hand), then I will post the recipe, and tell you what I think about that as well. 🙂

Now go make ya some fabric softener!

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