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If you have kids that use the internet, then this blog post is for you! How much screen time do your kids get, and just how safe are they?

I’ve recently found out about this {very much needed} software called Familoop Safeguard. Familoop Safeguard is easy to use parental control software. I have found it to be different than any other parental control software I have tried due to the fact that it covers EVERYTHING!


My kids are at the age where they love to use the computer and frequently ask to do so. I’ve tried several different parental control apps, software, browsers, you name it. My problem has always been with them not covering all that they should, not working properly or at all.

Familoop Safeguard has so many features!

-It is easy to set up
-It blocks unsafe content and search results
-It has social network protection
-Smart communication controls {you can view who your child communicates with if you allow them to do so}
-It has games, apps, and device time management {you can set time limits, see what apps they use, etc..}
-Location Tracking and Geo-Fences {the parent can set up geo-fences to notify them if their child leaves home, school. etc..}

Full List of features:

Filtering & Blocking
Website Filtering & Blocking
Social Network Blocking
Intstant Messages/Chat Blocking
Online Search Filtering
Application Blocking
Game limits
Sceentime limits
Calls & Messages Blocking
Supervision Capabilities
Web Sites Visited
Online Searches
Usernames & Passwords
Social Networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Badoo, AIM)
Email (Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotspot)
Chats/ Messengers (Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Hangouts)
Video Sharing Web Sites (YouTube, Vimeo)
Photo Sharing Web Sites (Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr)
Comments on Web Sites
Virtual words
Phone Calls
Text Messages
Location Tracking
Apps Used
Device Time

Installation & Management
Web Dashboard
Remote Management
Age-based templates of protection rules
Customizable protection rules
Need to install an agent on kid’s device
Multiple Users & Devices
Activity Reports
Emergency Alerts
Actionable Insights & Parenting Advices
Trusted VIP contacts

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Social Networks Protection-2


This software covers everything! Sign up for free today!

Find out more about Familoop Safeguard at https://www.familoop.com. πŸ™‚

About Familoop:

Familoop team is a group of consumer software professionals with roots in industry-leading software companies, including Acronis, Parallels, and Kaspersky Labs. In 2012 we started the project that became Familoop. In the early 2014 we released public beta of Familoop Safeguard – smart software for parents to battle online harms and completely protect kids online.

Author: Sandy

10 thoughts on “Familoop Safeguard – Parental Control Software

  1. Sandy, thank you so much for your kind words about Familoop Safeguard! We’ll go on working hard to make Internet safer for kids πŸ™‚

  2. I am sharing, as I’ve heard from many parents after my protect your teens blog post a few days ago. Parents who found disturbing stuff on their kids computers.

  3. What an inspiring comment thread here!

    We hope you all will get advantage of Familoop Safeguard and share your valuable feedback with us. It will help to make our parenting controls software even better!

    Happy day to day parenting!

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