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Family Updates

Jacey has been doing wonderfully in preschool. =] She has made many friends-and has the best time learning new things and doing art projects. At the end of her day ( which is 11:30 a.m. for her), they are singing songs and dancing around. She loves learning new songs…and when she sees me, she smiles SO big! It’s so good to see her enjoy it so much! This week they are learning about Noah & The ark!

Last Saturday we went to the West Fest Parade. Jacey’s school had a float in the parade, too! It was a lot of fun-but it was SO HOT outside. Afterward, we cooled off with some ice cream at Dairy Queen. LOL!

Today Jadyn had her 18 month well check. She is still going strong at 95th percentile for height (33.5 inches tall). She is at 75th percentile for weight. (25 lbs 12 oz.) She’s a tall girl! =] She got 4 shots-which she did NOT like-but she did okay–only crying for about a minute. She really impressed her doctor with her talking. She’s quite a talker, and loves to learn. He was also impressed when I told him that she can draw a circle-and pretty much knows her colors already! She is also learning her letters & numbers, too! Am I bragging? Hehe–I can’t help it–I am a proud mama! =] Jadyn loves to learn all she can–just like her big sis!

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