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Great deals & Stuff! :-)

Lately-I’ve been looking for AND finding some great deals for my girls (and myself)!

Jacey & I went to the Dollar Tree the other day–a store we go to occasionally. Sometimes you can actually find some good stuff in there! In the past I’ve found cute little “Wallies” for Jacey’s room. (They are the removeable/reusable wall stickers.) This time I actually found makeup for myself. Good makeup, too-not the cheapo kind you can get anywhere. I got eyeshadow, lip gloss w/lip plumping action, and skin highlighting powder. Cool, huh?! I was excited!

So yesterday we went over to Once Upon A Child…a store we LOVE! I found both girls quite a few really nice things there. What I am most excited about is a cute little dress I found for Jacey. It’s by company called “No Added Sugar“…in the UK. They have some very cute clothes for kids! I didn’t see the dress I got for Jacey on their site, but the clothes their retail at about $60-$65 US Dollars, I believe… I found Jacey’s dress for only $6.50 and it was in GREAT shape. No fading and hardly any wear. 😀

Click to view larger!

"No Added Sugar" Dress 4 Jacey

Isn’t it adorable?! It will be perfect for her to wear on her 1st day of preschool. 😀

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  1. Adriana Adriana August 24, 2009

    It is true. The Dollar STore has some great stuff if you look. I have gotten mysel some amazing deals there. I had heard they were doing away with dollar stores, and now with the economy more are popping up. I’m really excited about this. They all have different things. Great deals!

    That dress is beautiful. HOw old is Jacey now? She’s starting pre-school, so what is that, 3-4 years old?

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