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I finally got the pink car!

Yay! A few weeks ago, I went to Toys R Us and they had the Pink Whisper Ride car on sale for $39.99, BUT only had the blue ones in stock! They did however have the previous version on sale for $49.99, by the way-I do think it’s a bit cuter…but.. I wanted this newer version because it was on sale PLUS it has a cup holder and smoother rolling wheels (they say). Anyway, they were out, so the lady there wrote me up a rain check.

A few weeks have passed, and still no call-so I decided to call Toys R Us last night. They have ONE in stock! What!??! They didn’t even call me! Grrrr!!! I rushed over there to pick it up, and they still almost rang it up for regular price ($59.99)! I had to point out that I should get the sale price. Uhh…c’mon people…READ!

Anyways, I’m happy that I finally got it. 😀 Jadyn will love it, I’m sure! Hehe! 😉
I can hardly believe her Birthday is less than 2 weeks away!!!

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