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Our mini {2 day} getaway to the twin cities!

A couple of weeks ago we went out of town for a little mini getaway. The local football team that my hubby Jace works with had a game out of town, about 3 1/2 hours away, so we decided we would make it a little family trip. We left on a Saturday and returned on Monday evening.

Here are just a few pics of where we went and what we did! Notice the food pics? Ha! It’s always fun eating at places that are new to you. Places that you don’t have where you live. 😀

Chik-Fil-A? Yes, please! We currently don’t have on in our town, but one is coming soon. YAY!



This is in the Mall of America. Jace had a game this evening, and our hotel was right across the street, so I took the girls out for a bit to explore.



Coconut Milk Bubble Tea…..a favorite of mine!


This is a huge mall, so we took the elevators many times!


We went back the next day to Build-A-Bear! Jacey chose the bunny, and Jadyn chose Eevee!



Before we left, we HAD to go to Ikea. I love going there!


This was a fun little trip! Time really flew by, but it is nice that we are close enough that we can go for a weekend. There is lots to do in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. 🙂

There are many more photos in my album on Flickr. Just click here to go there. Thanks for stopping by!

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