Nature Girl {Book Review}

Nature Girl
A guide to caring for God’s creation

Nature Girl offers fun ways to appreciate God’s creations and understand the responsibilities in caring for what God has given.

This is a really cute book. Especially for girls from preteen up to around 14 years of age. It has a lot of fun activities inside like recipes, quizzes, Bible scripture and games that all focus on how to appreciate and take care of God’s creations.

There are 10 chapters in Nature Girl:

1. Be You and Be Beautiful
2. You Are What You Eat
3. Be an Earth BFF
4. Caring for God’s Critters
5. Wet and Wonderful Water
6. Let’s Clear the Air
7. Power Up!
8. Real Girls Reuse and Recycle
9. Party at the Park
10. Sprouting a Green ‘Tude

In these chapters, there are a lot of fun things to do. The “Weird, but True Amazing Animal Facts” is a cute read, as well as various recipes that are in this book from food, to beauty recipes, to fun and interesting experiments.

This book stresses the importance of taking care of this world and all thats in it. It teaches girls how to be responsible with what God gave us, by first learning how to appreciate it.

There are Bible Verses throughout, which correlates with the topic–which I think is wonderful! I highly recommend this book! For more information on this book in print, or kindle version, visit 😀

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