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Day to Day Life

Good Morning!

This coffee tastes so good right now…LOL! Yes, once again, my cats woke me up to their running around chasing each other. Grrrrr! It makes so mad, that I can’t go back to sleep! UGHHH!
Jacey is still sleeping. She has been sleeping so good, even with her teething! I bought her some all-natural teething tablets, and they really do the trick! 😉

So yesterday afternoon we went to the farmers market in Cotati, ate dinner at Quiznos, and then went and had Cold Stone Ice Cream. My son works there, so we decided to pop in for a visit. Everytime I get ice cream there, I say I’m never going back…lol! I always manage to stuff myself, and THEN I start thinking about just how FATTENING their ice cream is! Ha ha ha!! Oh, but it’s SO GOOD! 😛 I had “Monkey Bites” last night. It’s banana ice cream with pices of banana in it, pecans, coconut, and neste crunch bar. Oh my gosh, it was to die for!!! 😀 read more

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