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Parent/Teacher Conference at Preschool

Last Tuesday we went to our conference with Mrs. Elseth. She is Jacey’s preschool teacher.
Of course we heard all good things about our Jacey. How much she loves the activities they do….how well she is behaved, and so on…. We were very pleased of course! 😀

Jacey really loves preschool. Waking up in the morning is another story (lol), but she is very happy to go to preschool to learn & play. She gets so much out of it!

This coming Saturday they are hosting a Harvest Festival there at the church, and it should be fun! Jacey will wear her costume, as will Jadyn….and we will all eat, play games & more. We can hardly wait!
I’ll post about that this weekend. 😉

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  1. Amy Amy October 28, 2009

    Just wanted to tell you that I just adore you and your family. Ya’ll are awesome and I can’t wait to get the kids together, and of course us. hahaha


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