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Prayers and Firsts

So today Jacey was the “line leader” at preschool. She has been waiting for her turn for the longest, as she was always talking about being “line leader”. The line leader also leads the group into their prayer at the end of the day. She first says it by herself, then she says it with the whole group. It goes like this:

Jesus sees me when I sleep…
Jesus sees me when I play…
Jesus sees me all the time…
and cares for me today!

Isn’t that cute!? It’s really cute also because they do “motions” with each verse. I had just walked in right before she was to say it, and was kinda worried that she would be too shy…but she wasn’t! She did a great job! 😀

Anyways, on Monday it is Jacey’s turn to bring the snacks for the day at preschool. I think we are going to make some Christmas cookies on Sunday for her to take on Monday-along with some juice. We usually do healthy snacks, but I think this will be a fun treat for the kids! While Jacey was in preschool, Jadyn & I went over to Michaels Crafts and picked up cookie icings and glitters. I can hardly wait to make them with her. Jacey loves to bake, so I know she will love it! 😉

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  1. Dave Roberts Dave Roberts December 4, 2009

    Awwww thats so cute… Hope you all have a beautiful and blessed weekend, Sandy!


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