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Preschool Days & Snow

Today in preschool-they had a special guest to help decorate pumpkins. The guest brought pumpkins with him to give to the kids-fully decorated (painted), and some to decorate with the kids. Jacey really liked it a lot! When I went to pick her up, I had my hands full with Jadyn, 2 pumpkins, Jacey’s papers in her folders and some candy treats that one of the parents brought for all of the kids…LOL! Oh, and did I mention it was snowing out & windy? Luckily, it’s wasn’t a far walk to our SUV at all. 😉

Yes, today we got a bit of snow. It wasn’t so bad, it was kinda neat actually. The girls really like it! 🙂
It didn’t stick….it was too warm, but it came down pretty good for awhile.

Here are Jacey’s little pumpkins. 🙂

Cute, huh?! 😀

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