Setting The Scene For Your Next BBQ

Summer has finally arrived and kids are celebrating their newfound freedom from school. What better way to mark another end to the school year than by inviting everyone over for a BBQ. You could keep it simple with a grill and some basic furniture, but since you might not get another chance before everyone goes away on vacation, why not spruce up the garden a bit before your big party.

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The main attraction

While your patio might have served you well over the past few years, a deck is now considered the best place to gather in your garden. Not only is this an excellent DIY project, a deck will add value to your home should you ever decide to sell. Your new deck could have a designated area for the brand new grill you bought from, or even a portable bar. Finally, a deck is typically built to the same level as your doorway from inside the house, so unlike a patio, it won’t be uneven. However, if you want to have a space that you can use year-round, you might want to consider a conservatory. Even in the middle of winter, conservatories create the perfect dining ambiance, and they can even be used as a spare bedroom if they’re heated correctly.


Garden care doesn’t mean you just mow the lawn and water the plants in the backyard. You need to clear the clutter and pull the weeds from your driveway, trim the hedges, and keep your picket fence painted. Not only does it look nice for your guests, but it makes your neighbors turn a nice shade of green. You can even improve the appearance of your house by finding fence post caps at×4-post-caps-nominal.html, or putting a fresh coat of paint on your fence and your front door. It may be a small touch, but it’s attention to detail that really makes the scene of your party stand out.

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Water feature

Adding a water feature to your garden enhances it in a number of ways. If you don’t get a lot of light due to tall surrounding buildings, water acts as a natural mirror and reflects any light that manages to make its way in. If you choose a fountain as your water feature, the sound of running water is a relaxing background noise that will help you to de-stress. Additionally, water encourages wildlife to visit your garden. You could even make a permanent home for wildlife by building a pond or installing a bird bath.

Add some colour

As you show people around your garden, be sure to point out the flowers, because these make great talking points. If you’re new to gardening, you don’t need to aim for something as ambitious as trying to grow your own food. You can start with something simple like a flower bed, a tree, or a herb garden if you have your heart set on contributing something to the kitchen.

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