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A 10th Birthday!

To my oldest daughter. My super creative, smart, feisty, one-of-a-kind, free spirit, my mini me….HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are 10 now, and I can hardly believe it! Double digits! We love you so much! πŸ˜€

{Taken last Saturday–her party!}
Jacey's 10th Birthday Party! read more

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Happy Birthday Jacey!

My oldest daughter is 9 today! Happy Birthday my sweet, Jacey Lynn! <3 We have a fun day ahead of us to celebrate her turning 9! Over the {past} weekend we had a small Birthday party for her. It was a "Rock Star" themed party. She had a great time with a few of her friends and family! Here are one of the pics from that day! Jacey's 9th Birthday Party!

She requested purple cupcakes with a blue raspberry frosting. The credit goes to her grandma Denman for those. πŸ˜‰ read more

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Sunday, Dec 15th-2013 {My 43rd Birthday}

Wow, was it really my 43rd? I mean, it seems like just yesterday I was 30..LOL!

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Birthday Fun!

A photo collage of Jadyn’s Birthday & her party! For her Birthday dinner she chose McDonalds (no surprise there.) She had the best time! Afterward, we all went to Tutti Frutti – another one of Jadyn’s favorites. Her G&G came up for her Birthday, so they were there to enjoy all of the fun! πŸ˜€

March 2012 read more

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One more day!

On March 16th, my sweet little Jadyn turns three! She is such a special little girl–with a heart of gold! She is so loving, loves to snuggle, loves to just hang out, and LOVES to sing! I can hardly believe it has been three years! She has brought me such love & joy, I am so happy to be her mommy! πŸ™‚

Tomorrow she will get her “big” gift from mommy & daddy, which is a new bike! A Hello Kitty bike at that…I know she will be super excited! It even has a baby [doll] seat in the back! πŸ˜€ read more

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A Birthday Wish List

Jacey has a birthday coming up-very soon-so I made this wish list for her of things she loves and would love to have! :cake: :heart: :present:

Jacey’s Wish List by dacotahsgirl

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The Birthday Girl

Just a couple of pics of our now 2 year old-Jadyn Rose. She is such a sweetheart! <3 Jadyn's 2nd Birthday Party! Jadyn's 2nd Birthday Party!

She had a fun time at her party (on the 14th), and loved her banana cupcakes! She got lots of presents and loved all of the happy face balloons everywhere! πŸ™‚
On her Birthday(the 16th)-I took her and her sister to McDonalds for lunch. (Jadyn’s Favorite!)
We had chocolate cupcakes sprinkled with m&m’s for dessert that night-and she opened 2 more gifts.
It was a fun day! I tried to get some “2 year” pics of her done-but she was not having it..LOL! So, I figured I’d try again today or maybe the weekend. πŸ˜‰ read more

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Happy Birthday Jadyn Rose!

You are 2 today-look how you’ve grown! <3 Jadyn at just over a week old... Jadyn [3-24-08]

And at 1 year old…
Jadyn is ONE! read more

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A party weekend!

As you know, we had Jadyn’s 1st Birthday party on Saturday the 14th. Her grandma & grandpa D. came down for a couple of days to help us celebrate. Our neighbors Tadd, Darla & Ryleigh came over to celebrate with us as well. We all had a fun time-and Jadyn got lots of gifts! She REALLY enjoyed her cake-as you can see in the previous post…LOL! πŸ˜€ After that, she had to have a bath right away…LOL!

On her actually Birthday (the 16th) we stayed at home and had a fun day of play. We also went outside to play-as the weather warmed up nicely! I took a few photos of her as well. πŸ˜‰
Here’s one of her on her rocking horse that grandma & grandpa D. got her. read more

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Finalizing details

I can hardly believe Jadyn is nearly ONE year old! She turns one on March 16th! Where has my baby gone!? We are having her party on Saturday March 14th. Nothing big, just a few friends and family. I got the cakes ordered this past weekend. A cake for everyone to enjoy AND a little cake just for Jadyn. πŸ™‚ Her party theme is really cute. I may have shown pics on here before…but I will again! This is it!

Theme 1 read more

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I finally got the pink car!

Yay! A few weeks ago, I went to Toys R Us and they had the Pink Whisper Ride car on sale for $39.99, BUT only had the blue ones in stock! They did however have the previous version on sale for $49.99, by the way-I do think it’s a bit cuter…but.. I wanted this newer version because it was on sale PLUS it has a cup holder and smoother rolling wheels (they say). Anyway, they were out, so the lady there wrote me up a rain check. read more

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Hooray for Friday!

Today I have to get a few things done, and am glad to say that I’ve already got one thing accomplished!
I got Jadyn’s custom birthday invitation today! I had them custom made by Anelys at 3 Little Flowers. We emailed back and forth this morning to finalize all of the details, and now it is all finished. She just emailed me the file…and I am printing now. {Yay for my fancy photo printer my hubby bought me 2 Christmases ago!} πŸ™‚
She does amazing work! You should go check out all of her designs…you will LOVE them!

So anyways…I want to head out later to find some pretty pink envelopes and I need to run by Toys R Us as well to see if they got the Step 2 Pink Push Buggy in stock. The newer versions are called “Whisper Ride”, and they only had blue in when I checked last night. They told me that they were getting the pink ones in today-so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. πŸ˜‰ They were on sale for $39.99, so YES, I hope they have them! lol read more

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To do list & birthday ideas

Things I have to and want to get done today:

1. Dr. appt.
2. Look at first birthday ideas. I’m considering making Jadyn’s “1st Birthday Tshirt” instead of paying $20 for one!
3. Also want to look into buying a tutu for 1st Birthday photos. πŸ™‚
4. Price the Step 2 pink push along buggy for Jadyn. [possibly a 1st Birthday gift]
5. Look for ideas for b-day invites and a 1st Birthday photo album as well!
6. I REALLY need to find new pots for a few of my plants. It’s not spring yet, so it has been hard to find nice ones! read more

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We survived our first blizzard of the winter! The winds were crazy, and the snow just kept coming! The worst part was having it blow all over the place & just pile up! This was our front door after the blizzard:

blizzard3 read more