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5 Emergency Home Repairs You Should Know How to Do Yourself

5 Emergency Home Repairs You Should Know How to Do Yourself [Guest Post]

Most emergencies are really out of our expertise, but there are ways to keep damage at bay by simply following a few good tips and precautions. Here are 5 emergency repairs that you can do yourself. read more

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Reduce and reuse: easy DIY project ideas

In case you are tired of the constant lack of free space in your home, this means that it is time to do something about it. You will be surprised when you see how many old and useless things you keep. Instead of throwing out everything, you can use it for the decorating of your home. There are many ideas you could try which involve simple things like old jars, old clothes and even egg cartons. After you are done you will not only have a home which looks better, but also a lot of free space which you can use now any way you like.

Interior_Jacobsen_House_Bathroom_Earthship_2009 read more

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Vintage School Desks {DIY} Final Pics!

I totally forgot to share these finished pics of the girls’ school desks with you! I finished them quite awhile ago, and just haven’t posted. I guess with school starting back and all the busyness of the household, I just forgot. Well, here goes. The completed desks!

These were taken right after I finished them. πŸ˜‰ read more

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Working on Vintage School Desk #2 {Sneak Peek!}

Is this color not AMAZING!?

This is gonna be awesome! read more

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Re-doing old vintage school desks {Post 1 of 2}

A few years ago, I got 2 old school desks from a lady who was cleaning out her garage. I got them for free {what a deal!} They were in pretty decent shape. My girls used them for awhile, and then they wound up in our garage, where they sat for the longest time.

image read more

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A total snow day!

Friday we had a fun filled day! Lots of sledding and playing in the snow! The weather was great. I believe the temps topped off at 38 degrees, so it was perfect weather for playing in the snow. πŸ˜‰

First, we went to a snow hill nearby and went sledding. The girls had a blast! Afterwards, we headed over to DQ for lunch and a treat. read more

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Coffee Filters—Did you know?

As I finished up my post on DIY Dryer Sheets, it got me to thinking. Coffee filters are so great for so many things. Maybe I should write a post on uses for coffee filters. There are more than you think, actually. Grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and get comfy. Here are lots of things to do with coffee filters! You want to know these things! πŸ˜‰

1. Well,for brewing coffee. Yep, that’s a given. {ha ha} πŸ˜€
2. Use them to clean windows, patio doors, microwaves, your computer screen/tablet, etc…
3. For crafts! How about these….
A butterfly coffee filter craft
Easter Favors
Coffee Filter Snowflakes~Cut them into pretty designs & shapes!
Coffee Filter Jellyfish
A Coffee Filter Wreath {so pretty}
4. Use it to remove fingernail polish. If you have nothing else (like those little pads), it’s better than using toilet paper..that’s for sure! Doesn’t fall apart all over the place like tp!
5. Put a coffee filter at the bottom of your flower pot, so that your soil doesn’t leak out of the little drain hole.
6. Use them to separate dishes when storing…to prevent scratching and/or chips.
7. No more harsh light! Diffuse your camera’s flash but cutting a piece of coffee filter and putting it over the flash.
8. Use as a disposable snack bowl…
9. Prevent a popsicle from dripping, by poking a hole in it and holding your popsicle stick underneath. πŸ™‚
10. Wrap your Christmas ornaments when storing… read more

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DIY Dryer Sheets

So lately, I have been on the “homemade household products” kick! After making the DIY Fabric Softener the other day, I wanted to try my hand at doing the DIY Dryer Sheets. They seemed simple enough-that’s for sure!

This recipe seemed pretty simple & straight-forward. Fabric softener and coffee filters. That’s it. Well, and a container to put them in, too. πŸ˜‰ read more

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Ready for another project!

Home Depot Logo

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. read more

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Home Depot Kids Workshop!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot. I am very excited to be working with the Home Depot. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% mine.

When planning our Butterfly Island project, we took advantage of the free kids workshop offered by The Home Depot. They have a workshop for kids on the first Saturday of every month. Each month they have a new and exciting project for kids. One that kids would love and isn’t too difficult for them to do. I knew my girls would love going to these, so my hubby, Jace & I took them to their very first ever Home Depot kids workshop. They had lots of fun, and we will definitely be going every month! :mrgreen: read more

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The Home Depot Garden Club

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Now that it’s spring, it is the perfect time to sign up for the Home Depot Garden Club. Why, you ask? Well, there are many perks to joining this club, especially if you love to garden. When you sign up, here is what you can expect. read more

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Let's make a Butterfly Island: [The Preparation]

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot….although thoughts & opinions are my own.

We are working on a brand new project this spring, and it is one that I am super excited about. I love plants and flowers, and also love butterflies. What better project to work on than a butterfly Island? All of my favorite things combined into one! read more

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DIY Projects and the Home Depot


I am really excited and anxious for warmer weather to arrive here in North Dakota. Sometimes it comes early, sometimes just a little bit later than we want. I love gardening. Every spring I look forward to getting outdoors and planting flowers, shrubs, and doing various outdoor projects. I love to be outside and love to keep busy! Last year I planted two apple trees, along with maintaining the plants that were planted the year before. This year, I want to add more flowers and shrubbery, and try my hand at growing veggies too. Growing vegetables will be a first for me. πŸ˜‰ read more

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DIY Dishwasher Detergent

Homemade Dishwaher Detergent

This was a “recipe” that I was super excited to try! Once I saw this on Pinterest, and saw how easy it was, I definitely had to give it a go. :mrgreen: read more

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My latest [repurposing] project

Turning an old spice rack into fingernail polish storage!

Here what the spice rack looked like before. Is this like 70’s or 80’s or what? I found this in the thrift store for $2.99. read more