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So proud of my Boo!

Jadyn is my 5 1/2 year old. We call her “Boo.” It’s always been her nickname. Boo or Boo-Boo! Just look at how she is excelling in school. By the way, she is the top … Read the rest..

The Birthday Girl

Just a couple of pics of our now 2 year old-Jadyn Rose. She is such a sweetheart! Jadyn's 2nd Birthday Party! Jadyn's 2nd Birthday Party!

She had a fun time at her party (on the 14th), and loved her banana cupcakes! She … Read the rest..

Happy Birthday Jadyn Rose!

You are 2 today-look how you’ve grown! Jadyn at just over a week old... Jadyn [3-24-08]

And at 1 year old…
Jadyn is ONE!

And now!
Jadyn's 2nd Birthday Party!

You are such a sweet, loving, funny, smart, brave and silly girl! We all … Read the rest..

She’s almost 2!

Jadyn [blue ruffles] 15

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 years already! My littlest is growing up. She turns 2 on March 16th. Tomorrow on March 14th, we are having her Birthday Party. Just a small one with … Read the rest..

New Things Going On

Really Cute things Jadyn does:

She will bring a dvd to us and say “watch it”. (So cute!)
She also gives us numerous hugs a day with a very cute “awwwww” with every hug she … Read the rest..

Little Miss Polite

I just have to write a little blog post about Jadyn and her manners.
She is just too sweet! She says “Thank you” and “Welcome” (you’re welcome) all of the time. We don’t even have … Read the rest..

Just had to share…

I love this pic! Jadyn sure loves her lil pumpkin!


Vote for Jadyn!

Please click on your button to the left and vote for #10-my sweet girl Jadyn. I entered her in the Child of the Year contest to win a years worth of free cards! … Read the rest..

Reunions & more family stuff

So this weekend we went to Aberdeen,SD to meet up with almost ALL of Jace’s family-for a reunion. We had a great time seeing everyone, and spending time together. On Saturday we went to Storybook … Read the rest..