The Fillion from Little Mountain Bindery….

I have a new traveler’s notebook, and I wanted to show you all! It is so nice! It is the leather trifold from Little Mountain Bindery, and it is called a Fillion. Look how pretty! I debated for the longest on getting this…but when I found a great coupon, I went for it! 😉



I wanted to go a little bit bigger than the standard traveler’s notebook, so I bought this size, which can still hold the standard notebooks, or the cahier/wide notebooks. I have 4 of the cahier/wide notebooks in mine so far. A monthly, weekly, one for notes and whatever, and one for collections. read more

Prayers and Answered Prayers – Book Review

I recently received this book for review. Below is a little info about it, and what I think at the end. 😉

About this book:

Prayers and Answered Prayers will engage young minds and hearts as kids learn more and more about how God answers prayer.

With its two-in-one format, kids will have the chance to write down their prayers and thanks and then record how God answers their prayers as well. With examples of the great prayers throughout the Bible, many Scripture verses, guided prompts for children to grow more comfortable in their prayer lives, and ways to help them discover how their prayers were answered, this two-books-in-one format will be a fun, attractive way to learn one of the most important pieces of faith—talking and listening to God. read more

My Faith Notebook a.k.a War Binder

Just wanted to share something with you that I recently put together. It’s my faith notebook. It’s also called a Faith Journal, Prayer Journal or a War Binder {based on the movie War Room.}

I am using a traveler’s notebook for mine {by Webster’s Pages}, but a binder can be used, or any kind of notebook that you like. I’ve seen many different types of notebooks used. I chose a traveler’s notebook because I LOVE traveler’s notebooks. They are very customizable and also refillable. I have this one: read more

Large Leatherette Journal – $3 find @ Walmart

I came across these at Walmart while checking out the school supplies they had on clearance.


They were $3 each. Normally $5, I believe. Anyhow, you know I love my paper products so I wanted to give these a try. The colors really spoke to me. That is really what made me notice them at first. After thumbing through it, I saw that the pages were nice and thick. I was actually surprised! Boom! They went into my cart. 😉


They have a nice hard cover as well. I’m not actually sure what I will use them for quite yet. Maybe a doodle journal? Trust me, they will be put to use. 😉 read more