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The 49th Mystic {Book Review}

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The Heart of A King: The Loves of Solomon {Book Review}

King Solomon was wealthy and wise beyond measure. He could–and did–have anything he wanted, including many women from many lands. But for all his wisdom, did he or the women in his life ever find what they searched for all of their lives? read more

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The End {4 Book Series}

I just wanted to share this book series with you all. {I am on book #3 right now.} It is a GREAT series so far. Check it out at Amazon! 😀 read more

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365 Bible Answers for Curious Kids: An If I Could Ask God Anything Devotional {Book Review}

This is a really well done book for kids! The size is perfect for little hands, and also great size to take with you on the go. It has many questions inside that I am sure kids have wondered…adults as well…myself included! 🙂

I highly recommend it-there is lots to be learned from this little gem! 😉 read more

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Brave Girls Confidential: Stories and Secrets about Faith and Friendship {Book Review}

Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidential Book Cover Title: Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidential Author: Travis Thrasher Genre: Juvenile Fiction Publisher: Thomas Nelson Release Date: September 26, 2017 Pages: 224

Join Brave Girls Faith, Hope, Glory, Gracie, and Honor as they discover how much they are loved and they learn what it means to live godly lives in their homes, schools, and communities. Faith, Hope, Glory, Gracie, and Honor are five regular girls with regular lives. They have frustrating siblings and friends who fight sometimes, even though they love each other a lot. They have strong subjects in school, but they have struggles too. They love Jesus, and sometimes they have questions about Him. They're just like you! Brave Girls Confidential is a collection of stories meant to encourage and inspire. Through tales of what it means to be brave, strong, and faithful in everyday life, the Brave Girls show young readers how exciting faith can be. With engaging stories, strengthening scriptures, and takeaway discussion points to encourage meaningful conversations, Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidential has something for every girl who longs to live brave. The great content and beautiful full-color design make Tommy Nelson's Brave Girls Confidentiala wonderful gift for any young girl.

This is such a wonderful book for little girls. It is filled with stories/scenarios that young girls can sometimes face in life. It helps girls face these problems and offers encouragement. It inspires them to be the best they can be and to live Godly lives. I love the Bible verses in this book that correlate with each story. It is also filled with fun games and quizzes. Perfect for bedtime reading, sleepovers and more. A wonderful book! read more

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Bible Promises for Parents of Children with Special Needs {Book Review}

Title: Bible Promises for Parents of Children with Special Needs Author: Amy E. Mason Pages: 272

About the book: read more

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60 Days of Happiness by Randy Alcorn

60 Days of Happiness: Discover God’s Promise of Relentless Joy

read more

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God's Beloved Daughters {E-book}

God’s Beloved Daughters

GodsBelovedDaughters read more

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Devotions from the Garden {book review}

Devotions from the Garden

Come to the garden alone, and fill your soul with His presence. read more

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BELIEVE Storybook {book review}

BELIEVE Storybook {book review}

I am always looking for books like this that will help me to teach my kids about Jesus. This is a wonderful book with beautiful illustrations and a beautiful message. Kids will really enjoy it…parents, too! read more

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your beautiful heart by Lauren Scruggs {book review}

“your beautiful heart” by Lauren Scruggs

An amazing book for your impressionable, young girls. Read more….. read more

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CrossReads Book Blast with Cathy Lynn Bryant & Jessica Dorman


Sarah Anne’s Expedient Marriage
By Cathy Lynn Bryant & Jessica M. Dorman read more

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FarFaria Kids Reading App {Review & Giveaway!}

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CrossReads Book Blast w/ Tony Yang

By Tony Yang read more

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Agents of the Apocalypse {Book Review}

Who Will Usher in Earth’s Final Days? Are we living in the end times? Is it possible that the players depicted in the book of Revelation could be out in force today? And if they are, would you know how to recognize them? In Agents of the Apocalypse, noted prophecy expert Dr. David Jeremiah does what no prophecy expert has done before. He explores the book of Revelation through the lens of its major players—the exiled, the martyrs, the elders, the victor, the king, the judge, the 144,000, the witnesses, the false prophet, and the beast. One by one, Dr. Jeremiah delves into their individual personalities and motives, and the role that each plays in biblical prophecy. Then he provides readers with the critical clues and information needed to recognize their presence and power in the world today. The stage is set, and the curtain is about to rise on Earth’s final act. Will you be ready?

I have been of fan of Dr. David Jeremiah for awhile now. I was so excited to be able to read and review his book “Agents of the Apocalypse: A Riveting Look at the Key Players of the End Times.” I love reading about end time prophecy. If you do as well, and love the book of Revelation as I do, then you will enjoy this book! read more