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RebatesZone {Coupons and Promo Codes!}


Hey–let’s talk about shopping {and coupons!} I am a big online shopper. I just LOVE it! What is so great about online shopping? {As if you didn’t know!} This is what I love about it: read more

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A fashion show at Walmart!

Look out, here they come! Two super stylish girls who love to try on scarves and hats as well as purses! πŸ™‚
I took these photos the other day of my girls, when we were in Walmart. I was looking at wallets while they decided to put on a fashion show. They kept saying, “Take a picture, mom.” They were so cute, I could not resist. πŸ˜€

Fashion Show at Walmart! :) read more

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My little shopping buddy!

I meant to share this a couple of weeks ago, but totally forgot! This is my little shopping buddy, Jadyn. {My youngest daughter.}
We were in Kohls on this day, having the best time shopping!

Shopping at Kohls! read more

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My cute girls!

Just wanted to share this photo of my girls. This was last Thursday, while at Walmart. They were trying on hats and purses. So cute! πŸ˜€

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A pretty red dress!

I love it when I go thrift shopping and find items that are brand new, or practically brand new. Example: This super cute dress I found for Jadyn the other day! πŸ˜€

image read more

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This year's wrapping paper selections….

Every year I go with a color scheme or a theme with my wrapping paper, gift bags, etc. Yes, call me crazy, but I like doing it that way. BUT…this year, I let that whole idea go and let the girls choose their favorite wrapping paper. I chose a couple too! πŸ™‚ This is what we picked out!

Wrapping paper Wrapping paper read more

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My new {Awesome} boots!

I just had to share! I recently found these new boots on Ebay for $24.95! I LOVE them! They are so cute & comfy!

Awesome boots! read more

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Some super [game] deals I've found!

Ok, you know me. I love to shop…and I LOVE when I find myself a bargain. The other day while I Walmart my hubby found the cutest game for the girls for the PS3. It’s called “Start the Party” and it was in the $5 bin. A lot of times games in the $5 are really BAD and not fun at all or have horrific graphics…lol. This game didn’t fit into that category, it is actually pretty cute & fun! Read more about it here. Maybe you can check your Walmart & see if they have it. [It works with the “Playstation Move”.]

So yes, my hubby actually found THAT deal…but I kept on looking and found a computer game called “Vacation Quest – The Hawaiian Islands”. It’s one of those “look & find” type games…again in the $5 bin.[Rated “E” for everyone]. I thought that Jacey would enjoy it. She likes the “I Spy” books and such….so I thought it would be fun. I picked it up and put it in our cart as well. I wanted to make sure the games were $5, so I scanned them at a price scanner. Yep, the PS3 game was $5 (yay), and the computer game scanned…..get this…… .56 cents! No kidding! That deal was even [way] better than I thought. Score! read more

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A couple of deals!

My hubby & I painted our room months ago! I have been trying to find bedding that I really love-and never had luck–until now!

bedding1 read more

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Great deals & Stuff! :-)

Lately-I’ve been looking for AND finding some great deals for my girls (and myself)!

Jacey & I went to the Dollar Tree the other day–a store we go to occasionally. Sometimes you can actually find some good stuff in there! In the past I’ve found cute little “Wallies” for Jacey’s room. (They are the removeable/reusable wall stickers.) This time I actually found makeup for myself. Good makeup, too-not the cheapo kind you can get anywhere. I got eyeshadow, lip gloss w/lip plumping action, and skin highlighting powder. Cool, huh?! I was excited! read more

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Our Wednesday..

It started out great…..
I took the girls to dino playland (at the mall), and they had a blast! We then grabbed lunch, and did a little bit of shopping. They really enjoyed themselves, as did I! πŸ™‚
It was when we left that things went bad!

As were were leaving the parking lot-backing out…ourselves and another SUV hit each other. We were both backing out of our parking spots…and that’s when we hit. I saw this other vehicle, put on brakes, and before I could hit my horn, we hit. By the way we hit, this other car, was in this huge hurry to go somewhere. She was backing out of her space pretty fast. I was barely even halfway out of our space. I’m not saying that I am 100% without fault, but this other person, I feel is more at fault than I am. She apologized to me when she saw the bumper of our SUV. And of course her vehicle had NO damage! Grrr! Ours has a dent in our bumper, which is also split. My hubby thinks that if it weren’t so cold out yesterday that the bumper may have not split like it did. It’s not REALLY bad, but it’s still stinks! πŸ™ Oh well! Hopefully it doesn’t cost a ton to get fixed.
Most importantly, we are all okay–no injuries, or anything. We hit, but it wasn’t this huge accident…thank God! πŸ™‚ read more

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Weekend happenings

Oh what a fun weekend we had! We went shopping and got ourselves a brand new 32″ flatscreen tv for our bedroom at Sam’s Club on Saturday. My hubby was just thrilled..I mean, I’m happy too, but he REALLY wanted to upgrade our bedroom tv…so he is in! πŸ˜€

Also this weekend we took Jacey ice skating (for the first time) at nearby park. She had fun, and I might add…it was really funny at times, too! She was a bit unsure, and would just hang onto the wall, her daddy or me…LOL, but she did great for a first timer! I plan to take her again sometime this week or the weekend. πŸ™‚ read more

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Gift wrapping & more

Well last night I wrapped everything that was hidden away in my closet for the girls. It went pretty quickly…as there wasn’t a whole lot in there. I’m not completely done shopping yet-there are still a few more things I want to buy. πŸ˜‰
This will be Jadyn’s very first Christmas…it is so exciting! I wonder what she’ll do when we actually allow her to tear into the gifts, ha ha. Probably tear into the gifts..LOL! Right now she’s into that tree numerous times a day…lol. Just a bit ago, she took off an ornament and was tasting it. I don’t think glitter tastes too good, though. πŸ˜‰

Anyways, it’s Friday! YAY! We plan to do a bit of shopping this weekend, and we’re going to Rheault Farms to “Santa’s Village” tomorrow. That will be fun! Santa will be there, of course, and the park/farm will be all decorated with lights & decor. There will be cookies, crafts & games. I know the girls will love it! πŸ˜€ read more

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Shopping day

Today I have TONS to do! Get groceries for the week, including Thanksgiving shopping as well. This year we are having Thanksgiving at our house…so I want to be prepared! I also want to get a wee bit of Christmas shopping done. πŸ˜€

I am hoping this yucky cold I have come down with is gone VERY soon…it is rather annoying. I guess it’s not as bad as it could be though…. read more