Playtime at the park!

Elmwood Park is a really nice park that is near our house, and it’s walking distance! Imagine our surprise the day we went and found something new there. A zipline {for kids, of course!} Well, I guess you would call it a zipline, right? You decide. 😉

Jump and go!

Elmwood Park

The girls loved this!

Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park

Elmwood Park

They had so much fun going back and forth on this. Hmmm…maybe next time I’ll try it! 😉

A few {end of summer} photos!

I just realized that I wrote this post (but never finished it)! It was just a few end of summer photos that I wanted to share -before school started. Summer went by way fast!

Smiley Face

At a Birthday party…this is my Jadyn and her friend, Jayden!

My Jadyn and her friend Jayden!

My girls 🙂

My girls @ a Birthday Party!

Jacey loved this pink dress. She had another peachy-pink one like it, too…and she wanted to pretty much wear them all summer. She sure loves her dresses! 🙂

Miss Jacey Lynn

At Pancheros for lunch! This was after we went to Bonanzaville Pioneer Days. Jacey got this cute little bracelet and was showing it off. 😉 read more

School starts this week!

Today is the last day of summer vacation for my oldest daughter, Jacey. She starts 3rd grade tomorrow. My youngest daughter, Jadyn starts kindergarten on Thursday. Can you believe how fast this summer went by? I can hardly believe it’s about gone already!

Later today, Jacey gets to meet her teacher at “Back to School night.” Tomorrow Jadyn has her assessment at school for Kindergarten. The ball is rolling…back to school is upon us!

I told Jacey last night that today was the last day of summer vacation (just reminding her) and she got sad and said she would miss me. I think she may be a little nervous about school, but I know she is excited, too. Jadyn is super excited about Kindergarten and can hardly wait to go. I hope she is still as excited come Thursday morning. She has always been one that loved going to school…and always got up in the morning, usually earlier than necessary–and cheery at that! (She went to preschool for 2 years.) read more

Hot Summer Days {so hot!}

It was like 95 yesterday! It was crazy hot….hotter than it had been in the week before. The best plan for that day was taking a trip to the splash pad at Shadow Wood park. I got a text from a friend suggesting that we meet up and go (along with other friends too) since it was still open, weather permitting until mid September. (YAY!) That was definitely a plan! So we went. The girls had a blast cooling off in the water and playing with their friends, while I had some much needed adult conversation with mine. It was a good day! 🙂 read more

Summer is flying by….

Summer time fun - 2013

I can hardly believe it is almost August! Before you know it, the girls will be back in school, and we will be back on our routine again. A certain bedtime, a certain time to wake up, homework…etc..
In fact, we have already started shopping for “back to school”…as far as school supplies go. We haven’t done the clothing & shoes shopping, yet.

We are going to enjoy these last few weeks of summer time fun while they last!

Today the girls and I are going to a morning movie to see the documentary “Oceans”. After that, who knows? I’m sure we’ll figure out something fun to do! Sometimes it can be a challenge to keep the girls entertained, but we are keeping busy! read more