The Fillion from Little Mountain Bindery….

I have a new traveler’s notebook, and I wanted to show you all! It is so nice! It is the leather trifold from Little Mountain Bindery, and it is called a Fillion. Look how pretty! I debated for the longest on getting this…but when I found a great coupon, I went for it! 😉



I wanted to go a little bit bigger than the standard traveler’s notebook, so I bought this size, which can still hold the standard notebooks, or the cahier/wide notebooks. I have 4 of the cahier/wide notebooks in mine so far. A monthly, weekly, one for notes and whatever, and one for collections. read more

My Faith Notebook a.k.a War Binder

Just wanted to share something with you that I recently put together. It’s my faith notebook. It’s also called a Faith Journal, Prayer Journal or a War Binder {based on the movie War Room.}

I am using a traveler’s notebook for mine {by Webster’s Pages}, but a binder can be used, or any kind of notebook that you like. I’ve seen many different types of notebooks used. I chose a traveler’s notebook because I LOVE traveler’s notebooks. They are very customizable and also refillable. I have this one: read more