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This was a pretty good deal day! {Clearance Sales!}

I headed to Walmart today to spend my $66 in cash back that I received from Savings Catcher. {By the way, I LOVE Walmart Savings Catcher!} If you have not signed up for it, you must! If you shop at Walmart regularly like I do, the savings REALLY add up fast! 😀

This trip I picked up a handful of grocery items, some cute tank tops for my daughters among other items…but also scored a few deals along the way. I perused the clearance aisle which I love to do–and pretty much always do when I go to Walmart. I found this!

Walmart find!

Seriously!? .50!? Yes, please! I already had some of this in my bathroom, so I already knew that I liked it. I mean, I just could hardly believe they marked it down that cheap!

I also picked up the 28lb paper that I was looking for. Office Maxx did not have 28lb, so when I came across it at Walmart, and on clearance, too…I had to pick up a couple! They were $4 each. Not a bad price for a 28lb pack of paper.

$4 at Walmart {clearance}

Okay so fast forward to Gordman’s. I love this store so much! To my delight when I walked in and was going to the kids section, my eyes spotted clearance racks in the ladies clothing section. Not just your regular clearance racks, but $5 clearance racks. Oh yes, I HAD to stop and look. 😉

Unbelievably I found a pair of jeans and denim capris as well as 4 tops. Now mind you, the tops aren’t exactly summer wear, but they will still be useful for sure!

Everything below was $30! Can you believe it?

$5 find at Gordman's!

$5 find at Gordman's!

Everything had $5 tags on them! 😀
$5 find at Gordman's!

$5 find at Gordman's!

$5 find at Gordman's!

$5 find at Gordman's!

I’d say that it was a productive day, wouldn’t you? Oh, and as for anything good in the clearance kids section? Nothing. Nada. I did however find my oldest daughter 2 long skirts {she loves those} at regular price. I did use my 20% off of 1 item coupon, though. 😉

Have you found any great deals, lately? I’d love to hear about them! 🙂


  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) Robin (Masshole Mommy) April 14, 2015

    You got some great deals! I love when I score a bargain on clearance.

  2. harriet harriet April 14, 2015

    Wow! Major scoring done! You got some great deals.

  3. Jeanine Jeanine April 14, 2015

    Wow that’s awesome! I would be over the moon with those savings! I wish we had that store here!

  4. marie marie April 14, 2015

    Love finding Walmart clearance, I just got the family size Chilis meals for $1.50 each 🙂

  5. Liz Mays Liz Mays April 14, 2015

    Sheesh, you are totally scoring. I need to learn how to shop from you, and I definitely need to start with the Savings Catcher.

  6. Britney Britney April 14, 2015

    Definitely productive! I love the sweaters with the ruffles!

  7. Adriana Martin Adriana Martin April 14, 2015

    wow nice deals love that hairspray and the sweater duster =)

  8. vidya sudarsan vidya sudarsan April 14, 2015

    wow! those sweaters look so stylish and I’ve not heard about savings catcher! glad to learn about this..

  9. Jessica Harlow Jessica Harlow April 15, 2015

    I love using the Walmart Savings Catcher program too. I may not save millions, but every little bit helps! P.S. I love those sweaters too!

  10. Christina Christina April 15, 2015

    I still don’t have savings catcher. Where have I been. It sounds great. PS. Love the sweater!!

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