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To do list & birthday ideas

Things I have to and want to get done today:

1. Dr. appt.
2. Look at first birthday ideas. I’m considering making Jadyn’s “1st Birthday Tshirt” instead of paying $20 for one!
3. Also want to look into buying a tutu for 1st Birthday photos. 🙂
4. Price the Step 2 pink push along buggy for Jadyn. [possibly a 1st Birthday gift]
5. Look for ideas for b-day invites and a 1st Birthday photo album as well!
6. I REALLY need to find new pots for a few of my plants. It’s not spring yet, so it has been hard to find nice ones!

Lots to do for Jadyn’s birthday–that’s almost my whole to-do list right there…lol! 😉
Today, her party supplies should get here. I can hardly wait to see them (in person!)

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