Writing When the Creative Well Runs Dry

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Writing for many is a passion that is both a blessing and a curse. When you’ve got it, you’ve really got it, but there can be other times when you think you’ve got, convinced and confident that you’ve got it, even. But when it comes to putting ideas on a page you find that your fingers or pen are just hovering, without anything coming out.

This can be frustrating. But there are solutions when you find yourself struggling and endeavouring to write something, anything at all even. Worrying about what to write is one of the crucial hindrances for creativity, so here are some ideas for alleviating that worry.


Another solution is to take a break and read something. Typically, you will find your best inspiration with literature, whether it be fiction or educational. For some, merely reading up on the English language or using platforms and services, such as those found on AJ Hoge’s website, will help you brush up or gain expertise on the often tricky mechanics of the English language.

Furthermore, engaging in activities that involve creativity or speaking with people who you would not usually talk to can grant further insight than what you might have swimming around in your head. Gaining a different perspective on topics, particularly those which you don’t have a lot of experience with can give you valuable inspiration and provide you with ideas that you may not have considered before.


Freewriting is the practice of sitting down and just writing. Consider it much like Kerouac’s stream of consciousness technique where every idea he had went from pen to page, but instead of writing mad, jazz-inspired prose, you just write.

It might seem counterproductive to just write with no purpose but looking at your surroundings and being inspired by the smallest things that catch your attention is a fantastic and natural way of discovering ideas that would have otherwise been locked deep away in your subconscious.

There is no pressure with the freewriting method; it is simply to get ideas flowing and bubble up the creative juices that you so desperately crave. While much of it can and probably will be discarded, there might just be something in there that will spark up and give you plenty to write.


Of course, you don’t have to rely on your own ideas to come up with an interesting story. Writing prompts are available all over the internet and will provide you with the seed of an idea for you to grow into whatever you desire.

Much like the freewriting exercises, there is no pressure to actually come up with anything publishable, but instead will give you the chance to practice writing something that you otherwise would not have approached. Who knows, you could easily end up writing a whole novel out of a small prompt you find online.

The frustration of trying to write while void of creativity can be a struggle. However, there is no good in wallowing about not being able to write anything. Instead of procrastinating, instead, consider one of the many options to inspire any dormant creativity that is just waiting to be unleashed.

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