Yay for new snow!

Monday was great! It snowed and snowed and snowed….AND there was NO wind. A bonus–it was around 30 degrees. Perfect for playing outdoors….so that’s exactly what Jadyn & I did! 😀

We got all bundled up….

Snow ready! :)

Went outside and played & played. It was a lot of fun!

Snow Day Fun!

We were out there for over an hour, then Jacey’s bus dropped her off from school…and then we played some more.

Snow Day Fun! Snow Day Fun!

It was absolutely the perfect day for playing outside. :mrgreen:

It snowed quite a bit, slowed down and then snowed some more. After we came in, it started snowing harder and continued into the night.I believe we got over 5 inches….which was funny, because the weatherman said the snow would go “around” us. Hehe! :mrgreen:

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