3 Genius Methods For Making Your Garden More Stylish

A garden is a wonderful place for you to express your sense of style and creativity. Luckily, you don’t have to spend hours creating a perfect outdoor space. There are three genius ways to add a sense of style to your outdoor space in no time!

An enclosed dining area

No stylish garden is complete without a dining area and you can give your area maximum privacy by using cleverly positioned fencing.

Choose the highest quality contractor grade models from Fencing Direct and you will have a product that looks stylish and lasts for years to come. The vertical fence slats lend privacy to any dining area and the slat options offer between 70% and 90% privacy for your enclosed area. There are several colors for you to choose from and so you can pick a fence that fits in with the color scheme of your dining area.

When it comes to garden furniture, you will need a product that will make it through the harsh winters but will also inject some style and sophistication. The right garden furniture can transform your outdoor space by providing a stylish focal point for your garden.
Finish your area off with a built-in barbecue or even an exterior domed pizza oven or bread oven and you have a perfect dining area.

A relaxing water feature for you and wildlife

A garden pond could be good for your physical and mental health and could help the environment too. Several bird and insect species benefit greatly from access to water and this can be especially important in an urban setting where access to open water is limited.
A large ornamental pond stocked with fish such as koi carp is an asset to any garden. Although, you do need to bear in mind safety issues with regards to pets and children.

There are plenty of interesting planting opportunities both in and around the pond. There are low growing shallow water plants such as Bacopa and the typical lily-type plants such as the Water Hawthorn.

If you can integrate running water into the pond it could actually help your mental health. The soothing sight and sound and can help to make you feel relaxed and can even lower your blood pressure.

Ornamental trees for you to enjoy for years to come

Established ornamental trees will enhance your garden year after year and do not need a lot of work. Once they have matured, all you need to do is prune them and keep an eye out for signs of disease and infestation. Then you can just leave them to it.

Attractive specimens include Korean Fir, Cherry Trees, and Maple. However, it is important that you choose the right specimens for our garden. Some can grow to a very large size and this will cause an issue in the future. They may overhang your neighbor’s garden or block out their light. Some trees can even cause structural problems to your home because the roots can undermine the foundations.

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