3 Healthy Additions To Your Morning Coffee

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Firstly, have you drank water before having your morning coffee? If the answer is no, be sure to hydrate yourself beforehand! Drink a cup or two of water before you make your coffee, and you’re already one step closer to making this cuppa healthier. 


We all like starting our days with a caffeine boost, but did you know there are things you can add to your morning coffee to make it a little bit better for your overall health? Here are three things you can add on any morning for a health kick:


Cocoa powder

Add a little dash of cocoa powder to your coffee – the unsweetened stuff, not the stuff full of sugar – and your drink will take on the beautiful properties of the cocoa bean. This includes anti-inflammatory and antioxidant qualities that can help you reduce inflammation in the body and prevent harmful diseases. Small amounts of cocoa are also shown to help lower blood pressure and bring balance to your cholesterol, helping your overall heart health!


CBD oil

These days, you can buy little CBD oil tinctures that let you plop a little drop of this stuff into your drinks. You can get these from places like CBDistillery, and you should consider adding some to your coffee. Why? Because CBD is shown to have a number of possible health benefits – both physically and mentally. It can help to lower your stress levels and make you feel more relaxed, while also being great at easing chronic pain and soreness. Some people also find that CBD aids with your focus, further enhancing the properties of caffeine. Or, if you drink decaf tea, this can help you focus without ingesting too much caffeine. One tiny drop is all you need to turn an average cup of coffee into something more beneficial. 


Collagen powder

Collagen is the body’s most abundant protein as it helps to make up all the connective tissues inside us. You’ve probably heard about it when people talk about skin care as a lack of collagen is what causes wrinkles and old-looking skin. You can buy collagen powder that tastes like nothing and can be stirred into your morning coffee with ease. Drink it up and you start your day with a lovely little protein boost – and one that can benefit your entire body. 


Funnily enough, there’s a benefit to drinking collagen like this – as opposed to using creams that claim to contain collagen. Your skin can’t actually absorb collagen because it’s too big, but drinking it means it is already in your system and helping out in many ways. 


Pretty simple, isn’t it? Just three little things you can add to your coffee to make it that little bit healthier. Coffee isn’t unhealthy, but you can definitely get more benefits from it. The great thing about all of these ideas is that two of them add no taste to the coffee at all, so you can drink it as normal without even realizing you’re getting the benefits. The first one will change the taste – but in a good way! You now get to enjoy a chocolatey coffee in the morning.

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