3 Successful Church Fundraising Ideas You Need

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Being an active member of the church community is a privilege for most people. You can feel so involved and supported when you get to know the congregation who sit around you each week and it’s for this reason that you can often feel like you want to give back to everyone. Hosting a successful fundraiser can be an overwhelming prospect, especially if you haven’t done it before. The positive thing about being part of an active church community, though, is the willingness of those around you to lend a hand.

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Hosting a fundraiser starts with a good idea, and knowing what you are fundraising for. You can choose to raise money for members of the community who are needy, or you can choose to raise money to repair a part of the church you attend. Some churches often need regular work done due to wear and tear after years of being active in the same place. You can get the roof re-tiled, the carpets re-laid and even purchase new seating from the SeatingConcepts.com available selection. Whatever the reasons for your fundraiser, you can be commended for your effort that you put into your faith and your wish to contribute to the community. One of the best reasons to fundraise is to get to know new members of the congregation and bring the talents of everyone together. There are so many ideas out there for good fundraising, and we’ve put together some of our favourites for you to choose from.

1. Bake Sale: An oldy but a goody, a bake sale has long been the first idea for any fundraiser. Everyone loves cake, and everyone loves to show off their talents at baking cakes! Have everyone who wants to take part contribute cakes and biscuits, and to make it even more interesting why not have your church leaders have a ‘Bake Off’ style contest for both children and adults, and judge the best cake? Make your own ribbons and rosettes to celebrate the most loved items and host it annually so that each year, everyone turns out the best eateries for all to try out.

2. Bingo Night: While gambling isn’t always a good idea, when the winnings are for the gain of your church it’s a great time! Have a price on the tickets and prizes of food baskets or wine for the players instead of cash. It’s social and you could have two heats; one simple one for the children and one for the adults. Sell tickets to raise money and offer homemade lemonade or juices as refreshments.

3. Christmas Cards: Every year, holding a charity Christmas card drive is a good, solid idea for any church fundraiser. Nominate the children of the congregation to design a Christmas card for the church. Have them advertised during services and on the noticeboards and offer the patrons a chance to vote for their favourite. Then, during the Christmas period, a winner is selected and the cards sold.

Whichever way you choose to fundraise, know that you are doing right by your church and the community!

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