A mommy moment

Call it a mommy moment-or me just not paying attention to a calendar (LOL)!
On Monday-I got Jacey all ready for preschool-drove over there at about 8:30-which is the time it starts…and the door is locked. Just at that time, another mom pulls up behind me with her preschooler. We both look at each other and say “Is there school today?” You know where this is going right?
I call my hubby at home, and ask him to look at the schedule/calendar, and guess what? NO SCHOOL! It actually started back-after the holidays- on the 5th. (The very next day and a day that Jacey doesn’t go).
I just don’t know HOW I didn’t realize this-or why I didn’t actually double-check the calender. I would say “How embarrassing”, but another mom did the same thing-so I don’t feel so bad! LOL! 😉

Author: Sandy

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