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Yes, I have started a weight-loss blog again. I have these stubborn 8-10 lbs that I want to get rid of ASAP..lol! I know that’s not really a lot, and I have lost most of my baby weight. I mean, I really didn’t gain THAT much doing my pregnancy, but I still weigh more than I did when I started. I guess it wasn’t THAT big of a deal to me until I started trying on swimsuits for our vacation. Ugh!!! *glare* Yeah, so I need to exercise more and watch what I eat more. Mainly exercise. I mean, you’d think with 2 girls and being busy all day, the weight would fall off..LOL! *smile* Umm…not happening. So here I go! Working out, and taking measurements….

Check out my fitness blog here!

Author: Sandy

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