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A new member of the family!

Saturday, August 3rd was a very exciting day for us! The day that we adopted Luna! Luna is a very smart and very sweet German Shepherd mix. German Shepherd and St. Bernard from what we know. 🙂

We had been discussing getting a dog and actually drove about an hour away to look at a different dog that we were interested in. Well, come to find out, that dog was not good with cats and was extremely energetic. Not really a good fit for our family. Before we left, we decided to check out the other dogs available for adoption. None seemed to be a good fit until we met Luna.


We took Luna out on a leash at the shelter, and spent some time with her. It was meant to be! 🙂 She was good on the leash, seemed to be interested in us and listened as well as followed basic commands.  She also seemed so happy just to be out with us. We just knew that she was the dog for us! All we had to do was fill out the paperwork for adoption. We had to wait until references were checked, but the very next day we got a call. She was ours! 🙂

Jace and Jacey went and picked her up while Jadyn and I headed over to Petsmart to pick up supplies. I have to say, it was fun picking out girly things for her. 😉

This is Luna after she was adopted….the very first day at her new home. She happily greeted us as she got out of the vehicle.


Look at how happy she is!


We have had Luna for 3 weeks now and she loves her new home! She is the absolute sweetest dog, and so smart, too! We actually have her starting training classes this week. She is great at walking on a leash, but does get a bit excited when she sees other dogs. She will sometimes pull when you walk her, but she is getting better at that….as I am sure training will help in that area as well. 😀 

Here are a few more pics of our girl!

She loves her new family and we love her! <3



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