A party weekend!

As you know, we had Jadyn’s 1st Birthday party on Saturday the 14th. Her grandma & grandpa D. came down for a couple of days to help us celebrate. Our neighbors Tadd, Darla & Ryleigh came over to celebrate with us as well. We all had a fun time-and Jadyn got lots of gifts! She REALLY enjoyed her cake-as you can see in the previous post…LOL! πŸ˜€ After that, she had to have a bath right away…LOL!

On her actually Birthday (the 16th) we stayed at home and had a fun day of play. We also went outside to play-as the weather warmed up nicely! I took a few photos of her as well. πŸ˜‰
Here’s one of her on her rocking horse that grandma & grandpa D. got her.

Jadyn is ONE!

She loves her horse-and of course the pink & purple car mommy & daddy bought her!

Jadyn's 1st Birthday Party

We can hardly believe a year has come & gone! Wow, where does the time go? Our baby is growing up….

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