Allowing Wildlife To Flourish In Your Garden

Human beings possess something that almost no other animal on the planet has. We can recognise mood, shapes, colors and styles that trigger something within us. Since the dawn of man, life has been difficult, but as the modern age continues, nowadays we are insulated from what once was our natural habitat. With this wild life has become something that we watch on television and rarely have in our lives. And no, dogs and cats don’t count, think about the numerous creatures that harbor just in your back garden. They hide because they don’t really have a place to come to, relax and do what they usually get up to. If you would like a little wildness in your life, perhaps it’s time you gave these animals a place which you can both share and enjoy each other’s company. Don’t be daunted by this task and it’s wise to take small steps first, which makes the experience all the more fun; the kids can join in too.

Photo by MatthewGollop

Wings, beaks and nuts

Birds have something that we envy. They’re free; they can twist and turn as they fly high, not bound by gravity to be planted and singular like we are. It’s a joy to watch birds feed and socialize without feeling threatened and always being on edge. So as something not so complicated, how about hanging bird feeding stations on your washing line? How about a plastic net, full of nuts? Perhaps even a small water basin that acts like a watering hole for all manner of birds that will flock to your backyard? You can simply change the inner nets of the birds feeding station if you want bird feed that is finer and full of grains too which is very useful for the late autumn and winter season.

A blue dimension

An area which gets overlooked by many avid gardeners is the good old pond. Fish can be just as entertaining as the natural flows and behavior of birds, and contrary to popular belief they’re not an acquired taste. Fish like butterfly koi are easy to take care of, have brilliant patterns and smooth scales. They’re also relatively small, which means they don’t eat much and also don’t burn a lot of calories a day just by swimming around. Most people who have gone to Japanese spas and had the now worldwide acclaimed pedicure treatment will tell you; koi will happily clean your feet; if you can bare the tickling. They don’t hurt or bite, so children do not need to fear getting hurt if they stick their finger below the surface.

Marsh Frog Garden Pond Nature

Image by Max Pixel

Pots and damp places

Attracting frogs to your garden isn’t very hard. What these curious creatures want is somewhere where they can be out of sight and reasonably warm. To start off, get some plant pots, and turn them upside down in your garden. But first place them on a rock or so that they are tilted one way. This gives the frog a way into the little hovel while keeping the entrance low as possible to offer protection. Then you can place some worms in the center or perhaps some slugs to entice the frogs in. Do this multiple times and sit back and wait; pretty soon you’ll start seeing little green things jumping around in the grass.

We share this planet with an abundant amount of creatures. Why should you cut yourself off from them, just because we now live indoors? Attracting animals and wildlife to your garden has an endless entertainment factor.

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