Aloe Vera & more….sharing my succulents!

I figured it was about time I share photos of some of my houseplants. This category is succulents.  I have several aloe plants in a few different varieties, from aloe barbadensis to aloe ciliaris, as well as various succulents.

The photos show some of my aloe plants, some of the cacti that I have, as well as succulents…my newest is tiger jaws (last photo). Isn’t it cute!?











I have always loved plants, but I think during this pandemic, I started to delve into houseplants more and more. I knew the colder weather would be coming, and my gardening time outside would be coming to an end. I love being outside and gardening, but living in North Dakota…well, you enjoy it while it lasts, which is only a few months out of the year. 

So here I am now….turning into a crazy houseplant lady! Ha! Enjoy the photos. There are plenty more to come! 😉 

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