An 11th Birthday!

This post it somewhat late, of course! {Jacey turned 11 on July 1st.}
Things have been pretty busy! We took a vacation to Mexico, {which I’ll post about later}, and right after we got home, my oldest daughter turned 11 years old. We had a small family get together. Most of her friends were on vacation or away at the time.

Here are just a few pics of the Birthday celebration. Her grandma & grandpa Denman came for a visit. Grandma Denman even made her a cake {of Jacey’s choice} and we went out for a Birthday dinner. It was fun and Jacey enjoyed herself!

Little Big Planet cake which I think turned out awesome!
Jacey's 11th Birthday!

Jacey's 11th Birthday!

We had dinner at Izumi…
Jacey's 11th Birthday!

It was not known to them ahead of time that it was Jacey’s Birthday. It was casually mentioned at the table. They surprised her with this dessert, and she was really surprised when everyone sang to her and the table next to us was clapping and whistling loudly. Can you say a tad embarrased? LOL!

Jacey's 11th Birthday!

Jacey's 11th Birthday!

They also surprised her with a Birthday balloon {a flower} and a $10 gift card! We were surprised! It was so kind of them to do!

Jacey's 11th Birthday!

It was a fun time! 11 years old….I can hardly believe it! My girl will be a middle-schooler in the fall! Oh boy!

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