Anti-Aging Is About How You Handle Health, Not Skincare

When we talk about anti-aging, most of us refer to the plethora of products now on the market that promise to plump our skin, reduce our wrinkles, and rejuvenate our lost energy. These products sell well because they tap directly into our fears of aging and the impact that will have on how the outside world perceives us. 


More often than not, though, these high-price items fail to live up to such claims. Not only does this leave us disappointed and out of pocket, but it also distracts us from the real key to anti-aging – our overall health. 


It may seem obvious, but it’s astounding how many of us assume that quick fixes are better than a healthier lifestyle. Yet, when we really consider the root of anti-aging, it’s most often found in health-based focuses like the following. 

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A more active lifestyle


You can take all the energy-enhancing pills in the world, but nothing’s going to keep your energy levels high like an ongoing active lifestyle. Far from just being one of those things that doctors say, there’s scientific proof that this is the case. In fact, studies show that, among other benefits, exercising quite literally slows cell aging by lengthening the telomeres that are responsible for the aging process. In other words, working out or even just going for a brisk walk at least a few times a week can help you both look younger and live longer; no crazy claims insight. 


Addressing aches as they happen


Most of us are more than poised to take action at the first sign of facial wrinkles – prevention is better than cure, after all – yet where age-related aches and pains are concerned, many of us assume that this is just what’s expected. Age means stiffness, after all. Or does it? In reality, there’s evidence to suggest that seeking help from a chiropractor or other health professional the moment you start noticing stiffness in your back, neck, etc. can also make a significant difference on the age front, not least because the reduction of pain can increase your general activity levels. And that, as discussed above, can put years back on the clock. 


Embracing a long-life diet



Food might fuel us, but there’s also clear evidence to suggest that eating right can extend our lives. Studies from the Mediterranean (where people generally live longer) have particularly found that a so-called ‘Mediterranean diet’ contributes to a longer life. This is primarily due to the fresh veg, greens, herbs, and olive oil used in this part of the world, which is also thought to lengthen the telomeres mentioned above. Luckily, these benefits are such that there’s now plenty of copycat diets closer to home for you to follow and feel benefits from.


Staying younger for longer, and even increasing the years that we’ve got, is desirable for obvious reasons. But, next time you consider anti-aging, ditch the manufactured products, and instead consider these ways to help your body with results you can actually verify.  


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