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The Art of Giving a Gift To Your Children’s Friends (When Money is Tight)

Everyone knows that it can be expensive business affording all those new and glamorous presents for your children for their birthdays and Christmas. In the States, parents spend an average of $422 per child each holiday season – a lot of money no matter how many kids you have. Things get more complicated when we talk about buying presents for the children of people you know, or for your child’s friends. You might not be able (or want) to purchase a gift for them, but social decorum dictates that sometimes you must. Don’t let these occasions cause anxiety. Below, we offer four ways you can keep your social standing and money in your bank account.


Gift An Experience

An experience is a pretty good idea for everyone, adults included, but it can also help you save some money when it comes to children. Kids don’t always need a shiny new plastic toy to be happy. If you were to take your friend’s child for a day out that you were going to have with your own kids anyway, you’d be giving them a gift that’ll cost virtually nothing. You’ll also be giving his or her parents an afternoon off, which in itself is a gift!

Buy One, Buy Twelve

Children are fascinating human beings, but they’re not all that different from one another. If you buy one gift for a child, in all likelihood the same gift would also be appreciated by just about every other child out there. As such, look for deals that allow you to pay less for buying more. If you know you’ll probably have to buy twelve gifts for other children this year, then go ahead and buy all twelve at the same time. No-one will be annoyed that they have the same gift as other people; in fact, at that age, they’ll probably appreciate it!

Buy at the Right Time

No rule says you have to purchase a gift in the week leading up to the birthday. You should buy your gifts when they’re on offer, and then keep them stored away until they’re needed. Look out for special deals on toys on, and also make the most of the post-Christmas sales, when toys are heavily reduced. You might end up with a cupboard full of boxed up children’s toys, but you’ll save plenty of cash – and you won’t ever be stuck for a gift, either.

Go for the Classics

Toy companies make their money on launching brand new, innovative gifts. However, they’re usually past their sell by date within a few months! Instead, go for the classic kid’s toys. These are cheaper because many companies produce them, and you’ll also be getting the child a gift that will never go out of style. You might not think a ball in a cup looks all that appealing next to shiny robotic toys, but a five-year old will enjoy it all the same!

Never let gift buying be a troubling experience again. Take our tips, and everyone will be happy come present time!

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