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Just a quick update!! Things have been so busy with the inlaws here, and all of our running around, AND Jacey’s Very 1st Birthday!!! 😀 Thank you all for the birthday wishes for my daughter. It means a lot!! I can hardly believe she is one!!! I’ll have time for…

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This and That…

I have been meaning to update the last couple of days, but time has just got away from me. The weather the last couple of days hasn’t been so bad. It’s been cooler than it has been….which is nice when you have no AC! Ughh! 😛 The inlaws will be…

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Good Morning

Wow, it’s 8:00 and Jacey is still asleep. I just went and checked on her, and she is sleepy soundly, curled up in her crib. 🙂 I’m having my coffee and cereal bar, checking e-mail and such. I must say, I bought some Dove Energy Glow. It’s a moisterizer and…

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So today Jacey and I didn’t do too much but stay around the house. It was hot today, but definitley not as hot as yesterday. Man, yesterday, I thought I was gonna die!! LOL! it was so freaking hot!!! Today, we were gonna head out and and run a few…

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Freaking Out!!

Oh my gosh, my baby girl Jacey is taking steps!!! She has done this like 3 times today already!!! It won’t be long now. My MIL said “maybe Jacey will start to walk while we are there”, and she may be right! They get here on Wednesday, who knows…Jacey may…

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I’m so excited! I bit the bullet and paid for a dropshots lifetime account! No limit on videos now! *woo-hoo* lol! 😛 So, I’ve added a few more…of Jacey, of course, my little movie star!! Heh hee!! 😀 Wow, less than a week, and the inlaws will be here….

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I can’t believe it’s Thursday already! I have some more bragging to do on my daughter…LOL! Oh my gosh, is she ever growing up! Another word was said, and it was “hello”. She’s said it several times in the last couple of days. 😀 Also, in the last couple of…

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Just rambling on….

Looks like it will be another hot day today! It’s probably around 85 degrees right now. So, did you see my splash page??!!! 10 days until JACEY’S FIRST BIRTHDAY! Oh my gosh, I can hardly believe it!!! Lots of new things have been happening! Jacey said the work “duck” yesterday….

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Father’s Day

First off, I wanna say Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there! 😀 We are about to head out to lunch at Applebees, and do our running around. I uploaded a bunch of pics from our trip to the zoo yesterday at Flickr. See them here: ZOO Pictures…

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Fun at the Zoo

Today was so much fun! We went to the zoo in San Francisco (about an hour away), and had the best time! It was amazing seeing all of the wild animals. Jacey just LOVED it…she was going nuts chatting away and pointing. It was adorable! 😀 My most favorite part…

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OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

I am dying over here. Boy is it EVER HOT today!!! Who was it that said in Northern California you don’t need AC?? BULL!!! It is 93 degrees today! *faints* The house we rent doesn’t have AC….nice huh? I’m a Georgia girl, and should be used to this heat….but in…

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New Pictures

I’ve uploaded a few pics that I took of Jacey yesterday. She’s so fun to photograph! 😀 Sneak preview: *hugs*

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Good Morning!

This coffee tastes so good right now…LOL! Yes, once again, my cats woke me up to their running around chasing each other. Grrrrr! It makes so mad, that I can’t go back to sleep! UGHHH! Jacey is still sleeping. She has been sleeping so good, even with her teething! I…

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My Day

What a busy day. Well, with a “almost 1 year old” it’s always a busy day…LOL! I’ve managed to clean the house today, well mainly the living room & kitchen…lol. Jacey and I spent awhile outdoors, just because it is so nice & warm. I took some pictures of her…

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It’s gonna be a beautiful sunny day today! It’s already 70 degrees, and i’m loving it! 😀

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