Beautiful {Spring} weather is here!

We have been really enjoying our Spring weather and have been taking full advantage! For the first few weeks of Spring it would get warm, then chili again, but I think now warm is here to stay! {Yay!} That is until “HOT” arrives. Ha ha! πŸ˜‰

I just wanted to share some pictures of our outdoor adventures as of late. The girls LOVE being outside as much as they can be…and the weather has been perfect for it!

Ever since we got our new patio set, {and patio as of last October} it has been the perfect hang out place for the girls…..

Reading on the patio...



What kid does not like bubbles? A super fun {and cheap} activity that pretty much everyone enjoys!



For iPhone owners… If you haven’t played around with the slow motion feature on your iPhone, you must..LOL!

Roller skating is the best! πŸ˜€


My oldest daughter loves to skate. {Just like me when I was a kid.} It is something that she does almost every day!

What are your favorite things about Spring? I love seeing my flowers bloom and my grass turn back to a beautiful green. My favorite though, is the outdoor time spent with my family. Can’t beat that! πŸ˜€

New porch plant {Lantana}

6 thoughts on “Beautiful {Spring} weather is here!

  1. I am so happy that spring has been sprung here. We have been out enjoying it, too!

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