Becoming an Author in the Internet Age

If you’ve caught the writing bug, it sticks with you for life. Many people dream of becoming an author as their fictional dreams seem to build up in their minds. When you go online, however, it seems like everyone has that writing dream. Blogs, articles and posts take up much of the Internet as it’s known now. However, there are some solid pathways to become an author in this modern era.

Old-Fashioned Book Publishers

Established authors, such as Daniel Handler, became writers through working with a publisher. These book manufacturers essentially gauge an author’s appeal so that a certain amount of novels can be released to national or worldwide success. Simply submit a story to the publishing house, and qualified authors will be contacted. This pathway is difficult to achieve, but you can be rewarded with a publisher that backs up more than one of your novels. All of the legal areas are covered for you as well, which protects you from any lawsuits over plagiarism and other issues.

Going the Way of the eBook

If working with an old-fashioned publisher seems archaic to you, try personalized publishing. Referred to as eBooks, authors place their stories online for readers to buy at a reduced price. Some authors create a free-reading period for their book so that it can generate buzz. Because the Internet offers an audience of millions of people, your eBook can turn into a lucrative business. You simply need a good plot line and engaging writing. Be sure to use a website that protects your book from plagiarism so that your words remain your own.

Print it Out

If you decide to produce an eBook, consider printing it out yourself. Create several duplicates that you can sell as hard copies. Sell them online, or attend a craft fair that allows authors to sit in with their work. Becoming a familiar name in the fiction-writing world means taking the time to meet with people in the flesh. When people meet you and read the text, they might go online and seek out other works by you. Being proactive about your work will only bring in new readers.

Build a Following

The beauty of the Internet is the connections that you can make. Create a social-media presence surrounding your authorship. Be active on social media so that followers will interact with you. As the communications flourish, you’ll also gain new followers out of curiosity and interest. This following can turn into novel fans that loyally read your stories. The Internet is a powerful place to build your reputation.

Be a Reader

You can’t be a successful writer unless you study the art. Aside from taking writing or English classes, be an active reader. Collect several novels by your couch, and read them on a regular basis. Looking at the sentence structures and vocabulary can greatly increase your value as a writer. In many cases, questions over punctuation might be answered when you read too. Be inspired by other authors so that you can create a unique piece of writing afterward.

Take a cue from Handler and simply write what you love. When you’re passionate about a subject, it reflects in your writing. Become an author through any modern pathway. The world needs creative thought to continue through the millennium.

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