Butterfly Island {Spring 2014}

This is my butterfly island this spring! A little different than last year. 😉

Butterfly Island

I had to replace a few plants (perennials), because they didn’t make it after our winter. I was so bummed that my Azalea bush died. They are one of my favorites! I kind of thought they might not, even though they were “supposed” to be ones that do well in our climate in North Dakota. :/

So this year I added a few little ornamental type things, and made another garden treasure jar to go with the one that is still there. {I love color!}

I am also looking for a butterfly house to add as well. I planted some dwarf sunflowers and a few wildflowers, they just haven’t come up yet. Also not bloomed yet are my echinacea. I thought they also died, but they eventually sprouted up. I’ll take another pic when everything is in full bloom and all is complete. 😉

You can see the photos of when we started the Butterfly Island project, and how it looked last year, here at Flickr.

Stay tuned for updated pics later. Thanks for reading! 😀

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